Iron Lady

Wednesday March 14th, 2012

I’ve recently seen award-winning Meryl Streep in Iron Lady. I have to admit I wasn’t too excited about it. I’d been told it was a bit dull, despite the actress’s amazing performance. I knew all that beforehand and that’s exactly how it went. It was dull, indeed. Even if it had an incredible Meryl Streep in it.

It’s a biographical movie and I’ve said here how much I enjoy true stories. It tells the life story of Margaret Thatcher, the first woman to be Great Britain’s prime-minister and who remained in power for 11 years. The first (extraordinary and complex) woman to fill that seat and the price she had to pay for her power.

A good story with an amazing actress, right? Well… I’m trying to get my act together and explain why this film didn’t get to me… I guess it’s because the story is told by an old lady Margaret Thatcher, haunted by hallucinations, who sees and talks to her dead husband. I feel the movie is at its best to me when it shows her active, striving, conquering. I guess those breaks kinda got me disconnected, you know? I don’t know… I guess that was it.

But it’s Meryl Streep we’re talking about, the all-time muse, acting genius, who got a well-deserved award at her 17th Oscar nomination. She was awarded 3 times and lost the other 14. She’s a record-holder in both winning and losing! One of the best in the world. Can’t-miss…

In fact, I had to post a picture of her dressed-up for the Oscars and receiving the award, right? I couldn’t let that go, since she didn’t make it to my TOP 10… Literally dressed to success!

And I digress. Tell me what you thought of the movie! Maybe I was having a bad day and, despite being face to face with this Oscar-winning muse, my thoughts wandered to the bills I had to pay, the e-mail I had to answer, and so on…

When I stop to look at my watch and see how much time is left of the movie, it’s a terrible sign…And that’s what happened with Iron Lady.

There you go, spilled it!

Now you can start saying I’m crazy, that the film is amazing… Go on, I can take it!

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