Wednesday April 29th, 2015

I have to admit I’m one of those people who think Jennifer Aniston will always be Rachel from Friends. I do. It’s impossible not to look at her and go straight back there. I saw the entire show, from beginning to end, I REALLY loved it. So it’s impossible not to make the link.

It’s just stronger than me! But I swear I’m working on it!

When the Oscars nominations were out, I read some Rachel Jennifer declarations that she (at the movie Cake) was the greatest reject this year. That the Academy snobbed her.

So I was curious to watch it!

I guess I had never seen anything with her besides Friends (sorry again)! Please refresh my memory with the other movies she did? There are probably loads of romantic comedies, right? But none of them comes to mind right now… I have a pretty poor memory, so please help me out!

And then my curiosity was just getting higher…

So I reserved last week to sort that out! Presses play!

Jennifer plays the suffering, grumpy Claire. Who went through a big loss (we only get it by the end of the movie!) and ended up in a support group for people with chronic pain and suffering.

It starts with her in one of those meetings, with her face and body full of scars, listening to the story of a group companion who killed herself.

She gets pretty obsessed about the story and decides to investigate the case, bumping into the woman’s widower.

The film is about experiencing the pain until the end. About facing it. Finding ways to go through life when it doesn’t seem interesting anymore.

Struggling. Especially with ourselves. Hiding or opening up the windows and letting the sun shine in again?

I really enjoy Jennifer’s work, even if I’m still able to spot some Rachel manners (and inevitably go back to that!) at some points during the movie. Even without any make-up, even with a costume that looked like pajamas the whole time. Even with all those scars…

You can see how deep she dives, how important that all is to her. The movie, really. The opportunity to present us something different. And she does. She delivers it.

All my loving to Silvana, played by the amazing Adriana Barraza, who we feel like nursing! Beautiful sequences between them both!

I enjoyed the movie but didn’t really love it…

It’s worth watching though!

It touches us, makes us think, makes us thank God for yet another day of open windows in our lives.

Thank you, God!

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