How Not To Love Woody Allen?

Friday October 28th, 2011

Midnight in Paris left me on a floating-dreamy-inspired state, which is my favorite post-movie state… I always scan the feeling a movie causes in me and that’s how this one, written and directed by (the poet!) Woody Allen, left me. Floating-dreaming-inspired! Full of joy! I love when that happens…

First, because it took me on a stroll around Paris. I don’t know the city (yep, I swear) and it was wonderful to see the little corners, shops and alleys, with an old school soundtrack (pretty Woody-like!) and taking his time on each take… It got me feeling even more like visiting Paris… Asap! Hope so.

Also because I really enjoy this kind of discontinuous screenplay… The guy’s (Gil, the protagonist played by Owen Wilson. Fantastic, by the way!) fantasy of being able to time-travel to Paris in the 20s, with its many drinks and artists. Thinking and drinking. With the likes of Picasso and Salvador Dalí, among many others.

The highlight, in my opinion, is Gil’s love affair with a French girls who loves dating artists (played by the gorgeous Marion Cotillard!), by whom he’s bewitched, of course! Boy, do I like Marion… Even more specially with her 20s costume…

Anyway… Delightful movie. Wish I could go around (and live!) all that… With Woody, Marion, Picasso, Dalí… Paris… Boy, wish I could have all that in real life… Thanks for the trip, Woody! It’s been my pleasure!

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