How to be single

Tuesday June 14th, 2016

I begin this post pissed at myself for not having taken the cue from Valentine’s Day (June 12th in Brazil).

For those of you who are always asking for texts and words (It’s been a while, I know!) for the singles crew, this would have been the perfect opportunity to bring the girlfriends together and pressing play last Sunday.

It’s o.k., though, it’s past Sunday but the movie is still on, so let’s talk about it…

I watched it on the plane, coming back from New York a few weeks ago. And I found it really sweet.

The story begins when the lead Alice (Dakota Johnson) decides to take a break (after spending her teenage years in a relationship) from her boyfriend to feel how it’s like to be single.

She bonds with her best friend Robin (Rebel Wilson) and starts going out every night in New York, always supported by her older sister Meg (Leslie Mann), who, despite her own worries, is always available to her sister.

Then, the movie develops through parallel plots, ups and downs, fun and loneliness. Search…

It’s nice to see the relationship between those girls, the actresses have chemistry, and we have fun seeing them have fun. The screenplay makes us laugh at times and definitely relate to a bunch of situations that happen time and again – it was like that with me and I bet it will be like that with you too!

Cute, a nice pastime, perfect for the broken-hearted to watch over some ice cream and enjoy themselves.

Why not, right?


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