Saturday July 16th, 2016

Another delightful series for my list: Girls!

Me and my mom watched it together. All 5 seasons available at Net Now.

We finished it on Sunday and I already feel lonely for not having new episodes to watch curled on my couch.

It’s an HBO production. Idealized, created, written, directed AND starred by Lena Dunham, the only girl staring at the camera at the photo above. She’s the boss!

Lena brings a comic perspective to the humiliations and accomplishments of a group of twentysomething girls living in New York. They’re four friends with dubious jobs, almost no money on their bank accounts and absolutely no stability in their relationships. Who doesn’t relate to it?

That’s basically the background of those characters.

A sort of attempt to clean up the mess that sex life in your twenties can be. This time when nobody’s really happy about anything, but “must pretend they’re in control while coming like crazy”, said Lena on an interview for The New York Times.

And then there’s a bunch of references we get, every social network, Beyonce, Grey’s Anatomy… If you’re also born in the 80s, you’ll relate to a bunch of stuff! On the first episode, Jessa (the cool chick) spills that she’d never heard of Sex And The City, while the virgin Shoshanna (the uptight one!) says she feels like a mix of Carrie and Miranda. How not to love it?

That’s the feeling, that they’re girls of our generation looking for a meaning in life! Girls who were watching SATC by the same time as I was, you know?

Minimal makeup and maximal text. The actresses are all really into it, no shame. Forget about Carrie’s glamour. Her iconic costume dressing. Girls is all about conflict. Ups and downs. Life’s twists and turns.

I love the cast, the girls have a really cool chemistry. I also like the boys and the text, very much.

Since I watched all seasons in a row, and very fast, I could see how significant the changes in their lives are throughout each season. In one season, they’re suffering from a broken heart, in the next one, marrying someone else. Then divorcing. Falling down and getting back on their feet. Dreaming and achieving. Achieving and failing. I guess that’s what stroke me the most about the show…

It’s all about understanding life through the life of those four girls. When you see from the outside, it all seems easier, right? It all makes more sense… Life’s plot twists…

I loved it! Highly recommend it! And I read that the sixth and last season is coming up 2017.

Can’t wait!

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