J. Edgar

Wednesday February 15th, 2012

I went to the movies to watch The Help (my #OscarsMarathon is at its peak, remember?) but it was sold out. Since I didn’t buy the tickets in advance, I ended up missing it. So I went for Clint Eastwood’s J. Edgar. I was somewhat curious about it, but I have to say it was on the bottom of my priority list, since it was completely ignored (what was that about?) by the Academy. It didn’t get any nominations!

I enjoyed the film. I’m a sucker for biographies and I knew I couldn’t go wrong with the story of one of the most powerful men in the U.S. J.Edgar created and directed the FBI. Interesting, to say the least, right?

Then, there’s the work of Leonardo DiCaprio (highly praised!), which I loved. He was able to make a character with a strong personality deviation more human. We root for him. Struggle along with him. Love along with him.

But the most special thing was the incredible work of Armie Hammer (remember the twin brothers from “The Social Network”? So… He didn’t get to me at that time. It was a friend of mine who pointed that it was the same actor. But here… I have no words to describe it! Armie plays Clyde Tolson, the second man at the FBI, J.Edgar’s right-hand man and true love (yep!). Such a delicate composition, rich in details. I fell in love with Clyde Tolson. And Armie Hammer!

Another highlight (which I really think deserved a nomination!) was the make-up. DiCaprio and Armie play their characters both young and older. It’s a 50-year difference. The transformation is unbelievable. Flawless. And Armie’s performance (am I being repetitive here? ;)) get even better as his character gets older… When you think he gave his best, he’ll come up with those gorgeous scenes by the end of the movie… Wow. I have some pictures of the before and after of their characterization, check it out:

Good movie to watch. No big deal. Good story…

And there’s DiCaprio. And Armie (alright, I’m done with it!).

Another movie off of my list… Yay!



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