Like Crazy

Thursday March 12th, 2015

This is the typical movie that if I saw in a Brazilian movie rental, the title would definitely be a turn-off – the Portuguese title is literally “Crazy in Love”.

Sounds like a silly romantic comedy, right? Right.

But it’s beautiful. So, so beautiful.

I was doing a research on some films that were awarded in festivals, watching some random short films and picking some stuff to watch later.

Research. Work. Anyway, a bunch of materials to study for some projects I have ahead of me. And then I got to this movie. Recommended by a friend.

Felicity Jones (who has just been nominated to the Oscars for her performance at The Theory of Everything, remember? Did you watch it? I wrote about the movie here!) plays the lead and got a bunch of awards (including the one for best actress at the Sundance Festival!) for her work. That was enough to make me want to see it.

Then I read Jennifer Lawrence was also in the cast. Before she was all that, playing a secondary role.

The leading actor also got some awards for his work in this movie.

So I pressed play on this trailer:

And so I stopped everything I was doing to watch the movie on Apple TV.

OHMYGOD! Those who follow me on snapchat saw me bursting into tears afterwars. Not a follower yet? It’s julia-faria.

First, it’s a pretty relatable story. If you’ve ever had to say goodbye to someone you loved before going away for a while, well, grab your tissues, because you’re gonna need it.

I’ve never had a long distance relationship (that’s what the movie’s about!) and yet I cried my heart off. From beginning to end.

Maybe a bit due to PMS, ok, but mostly due to this girl’s incredible work. She’s exquisite, during the entire movie.

It’s all very simple, you know? Love. Pain. They play it in a very simple way. Very genuine.

I couldn’t see the actress at any time. I was certain that those were two real people living that story. And not just telling it.

I just really, really loved it! Pure. Sincere. True. And (again!) simple!

For those who enjoy a nice love story, I really recommend you watch it!

Hope we’re lucky enough to have Felicity Jones in many, many other movies from now on! We deserve it!


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