Wednesday November 25th, 2015

A few months went by without me going to the movies. You’ve probably realized it, right? Have you? No?

I feel like you get really fired up on the comments when I talk about a TV show (I guess that’s why I got to see more and more of it!), but I don’t feel the same reaction when I talk about film.

Why’s that? Any ideas?

All I know is that I’m crazy about movies and this will always be a subject here, when I’m able to overcome those unintentional pauses this crazy life imposes.

Now back to our regular program in great style: with my great muse Scarlett Joahansson starring a delightful film: Lucy.

Has anyone seen it? I loved it!

It’s definitely not the kind of movie I enjoy. I had a bunch of movies ahead of it in my to-watch list. But it was available at my flight back from NY so I didn’t resist to the face of my muse all over the movie poster. So I pressed play. And I loved it!

Scarlett plays an aimless, uninformed girl who accidentally gets involved in a completely shady business conducted by a powerful, violent Taiwanese gangster.

She goes from girl next door to a super evolved amazing warrior on the first 15 minutes of the movie. From there on, get ready to have lots of fun.

I caught myself laughing my head off. I was absorbed 100% of the time. I also watched the new Woody Allen movie on the flight. Loved it. But while it was on, I had to change positions in my seat or the earphones hurt me a bit. Regular stuff. But none of that happened while I was watching Lucy. There was no external world to compete with their story.

Scarlett nailed it as always. I’m a huge fan. Morgan Freeman is also incredible. In a less-is-more vibe. And all my loving to this actor I didn’t know Min-sik Choi. He rocked!

Great cast!

Don’t want to give spoilers. I want you to watch it and tell me about your impressions. I mean, is it silly? It is. A bunch of unreal stuff? Most definitely. But it’s delightful. Pure entertainment. Forget about intellectual stuff. Cult movies. And surrender to pure entertainment.

Fantastic entertainment.


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