Magic In The Moonlight

Monday December 1st, 2014

Another one for my Woody Allen list. And this time, with the incredible Colin Firth. This guy is an acting genius. Gosh! Genius.

It’s the story of a girl who calls herself a medium and a magician who’s hired to debunk the alleged quack.

He’s completely skeptical. Cold. Only believes in what he can see. She is all intuition. Sweet.

He’s aggressive the whole time. She doesn’t let any of that affect her.

He fools other people for a living. She only speaks the truth.

She’s Emma Stone. Beautiful, as always. With those enormous eyes. Real charming. And Firth… Well, Firth is Firth. I’m a HUGE fan.

I really enjoyed the encounter of both actors. Their exchanges. Their game.

They balance each other the whole time. Some delicacy here, some boldness over there. Belief here, disbelief there. Truth here, scams there.

Pleasant to watch. But didn’t LOVE it though…

Nevertheless, I agree with those who say that a not-so-incredible Woody Allen movie is better than the average movie by most filmmakers.

So it’s a must-see!


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