Friday June 13th, 2014

Do you recall all the fuss about Julia Roberts’ Evil Queen in Mirror, Mirror? The expectations were so high until the movie was out, it was all people could talk about. What about Kristen Stewart’s Snow White in Snow White and the Huntsman? Man… Two fairy tale remakes with big Hollywood names. It’s trending now, one after another.

Now it was time to tell the story of Sleeping Beauty’s wicked witch, played by the muse Angelina Jolie. Another wave of expectations. How would Jolie’s wicked-witch-turns-good (I’ll explain) be and all that. One thing I can say: m-u-s-e. She’s prettier than ever. No costume horns will ever take that from her. Muse, muse, muse. A thousand times muse.

About the screenplay, the idea this time was to tell the story through the witch’s point of view. I liked it. After all, nobody’s only good or evil. Hero or villain. Fair enough, right? And I read that, to turn the antagonist into the hero, they hired Linda Woolverton to tell the story. The one who wrote Beauty and the Beast, Lion King and Alice in Wonderland.

I enjoyed the movie. Mostly because it’s delightful just to look at Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning. Big muse and little muse. To be able to see on the big screen all of Jolie’s details and choices. Both of them actually. Pleasant to see.

I didn’t love it, though. Thought it was a bit slow. Maybe that was the idea, I don’t know. Cute, yes. But not touching. Didn’t touch me at least. Has anyone shed a tear during the movie? Tell me about it on the comments.

Oh, the 3D. Gotta mention that as well. I saw it on 3D. No big deal. Definitely not. I don’t think it would make a big difference to see it without the effects. And, boy, they had a lot of stuff going on. All those bug wings flying around. I don’t know… Am I being a bit cranky? Maybe…

So, will you tell me about your impressions?

I want to hear about it!


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