Begin Again

Tuesday October 14th, 2014

I’ve been so negligent with my film watching the last few months! That’s so serious. Months went by without me going to the movies. Haven’t been to it once since I got to New York. I got addicted to TV series (after Scandal I started watching Gossip Girl – Better late than never! – I’m about to finish season 3!), not to mention the American TV, which I also love, and, of course, lack of time.

I’m hardly ever at home. Which means I haven’t been to the movies once or read a single book since I got here. Go ahead, judge me.

I’m pretty pissed with myself too…

There are some stuff missing but there are also other stuff flowing! No life postponing here! It’s just that there’s too much to do and so little time.

To make it even harder, I enrolled in a bunch of classes. But then, I forced myself to do it! On Sunday, I made myself look for a good movie to watch and talk about here. And I found a pretty charming one. Not one, some! I’ve watched two movies. But let’s go one at a time…

The title is Begin Again. In Brazil, it was translated into Portuguese as Mesmo se Nada der Certo, and I guess it’s in theatres already, right? Has anyone seen it? If you have, please share your thoughts!

It takes place in New York, which is half the battle for me to enjoy or get involved with a film!

And it features two actors I LOVE, who influenced my choice for this title to begin with (again) (pun intended): Keira Knightley gracious as always and Mark Ruffalo, whom, the sloppier the clothes, the messier the hair, the more deconstructed the character, the more I find him charming! Last but not least, Adam Levine is also in the cast.

It’s the story of a couple of musicians. She’s more talented than him. And he’s the one who becomes a smashing hit. And puts her aside. Then she meets a producer who’s been at the top but is now practically off the market and believes she’s got what it takes to become a star. And she decides to take the risk.

It’s so cute to see their encounter. Keira and Ruffalo’s characters. They way they make room for each other. I’m coming from a Blair and Chuck intense moment (those who saw GG will get me!) so my heart is completely vulnerable to life’s ups and downs. The infamous timing, which is almost never in our favor. It’s just so hard… (And such a good chronicle subject!). And the film is about that too.

About Adam… I don’t have much to say. I guess he’s always good to look at. He’s the kind of person you feel like listening to for hours… But not much of an actor. Nothing wrong with his work. On the contrary, I believe he played it right by the book. No big deal. But always that I look at him I can only see Adam. The singer. Maroon 5. The Voice. Especially when he’s playing an equally successful singer! So I just didn’t go with it.

When I saw Justin Timberlake at Friends with Benefits, for example, I really bought it! I definitely forgot it was Justin. But in this film, I don’t know… It just didn’t happen. Not with Adam.  But then again, it was delightful to stare at him on the big screen, talking about love, singing and all. Be ready for lots of music, piano, guitars, band, and loads of studio recording scenes.

The film is quick. Goes by fast. Nothing fantastic, though. A nice pastime. Is good to see the chemistry between the couple. I really bought it with them. But when the film is over (I’m not telling you how, of course), it seems like there’s something missing. At least for me… That was the feeling.

Pretty cute. Nice to see the work and chemistry by Keira and Ruffalo. Adam playing. Not more than that though.

It’s perfectly fine to wait for it to be out on Netflix and watch in the comfort of your own home with a bowl of popcorn.

No rush to press play!

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