The Aviator

Monday May 11th, 2015

My Mother’s Day was all about curling up in bed and having brigadeiro with my dog.

The house was empty, so it was just me, her and apple tv!

I watched a bunch of stuff, read a bunch of magazines and started over a book I didn’t keep up with the last time I tried.

One of the (pleasant!) choices was The Aviator by Scorsese with DiCaprio as the lead.

Old movie (2005) that I hadn’t yet seen.

I LOVE to dig out good movies. Maybe even as much as I love to watch new ones.

I really enjoy re-seeing stuff that were hits in the past, notice the timely references, compare it with what we have nowadays…  

Like seeing the actor of 10 years ago after watching his astonishing performance in Wolf of Wall Street last year, you get it? I think it’s really cool!

And it was delightful to watch all 170 minutes of The Aviator.

Leonardo DiCaprio also worked as a producer, along with the great responsibility of playing the lead in the biographical story of Texan millionaire Howard Hughes.

He picked director Martin Scorsese and helped raising the 150 million dollars needed to make the project happen. So now you understand how involved he was with the movie, right?

Most of you have probably watched it already (share your thoughts in the comments) but if you haven’t, it’s set between the 20s and 40s, starting with a young Hughes, then 18 years old, inheriting his parents company and fortune.  

The boy takes over the empire and rolls up his sleeves in order to make his many childhood dreams come true. Eccentric like all geniuses, it’s amazing to follow the evolution of his success and craziness.

DiCaprio is poetic as always, flawless, special.

And little by little he breaks his own personal paradigms (really beating his crazy ideas!) and world challenges, like breaking speed records on the planes he projected himself and wanted to try first.

It’s the man’s love story with aviation. Without a doubt. And all the ups and downs any love story brings along, right? He even ran the risk of being expatriated to defend his planes. Not to mention the psychological disorders he somatized through time.

It’s a long movie, but not exhausting. Lots of history. Not to mention the incredible performance by the rest of the cast: the muse Cate Blanchett plays his first wife and Kate Beckinsale plays his mistress, also fantastic!

Loved it, loved it, loved it!

Perfect companionship for my Mother’s Day, DiCaprio.

Thank you so much!

You can come back whenever you like!

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