Wild Tales

Wednesday December 17th, 2014

When I got home saying that Boyhood was the best film I saw this year, my brother told me to watch Wild Tales so we could discuss it afterwards. So I rushed to see it.

There are six beginning, middle, end stories. They are not related, even though they have a lot in common. They picture ordinary, daily situations, and in each of them, someone loses it in a very particular fashion at some point.

I thought this was the point, about us being always attentive since even when everything seems to go well, it can all turn around in the blink of an eye. You can have your car towed, catch your husband cheating on you, have an accident… All-or-nothing situations. It’s all about the characters’ actions and reactions to the tricks life plays on us.

That moment when we lose control and explode, you know? That second when we turn the key and we’re out of our mind? So, that’s what it’s all about! Human behavior. Raw human beings. No frills. The best and the worst we can be.

All episodes are great. Some are outstanding. Others are good. But none of them is just o.k. They’re all unpredictable. Enticing. Fun! Yes, because that’s all told with tons of humor.

The screenplay is flawless. When it’s over, we want some more! Another six stories, please! Along with the Almodóvar brothers as the producers, the cast is also exquisite!

I loved this film! Really! Very, very much.

Boyhood is still my favorite this year. I was completely caught up in the movie’s beauty and subtleness. But Wild Tales is also a must-see. More fun, quick, straightforward. Less “moments for contemplation”, you know?

It’s just a matter of taste, really…

So bring your family together and go watch it this weekend because it’s a great film!

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