Monday November 17th, 2014

You’re all very aware that I’m a pretty curious person, right? Very, very curious. I love to listen to new stories. Go to exhibitions of artists I’d never heard of. New cities. Try new foods. And so on…

I’m completely open to the new. Information and knowledge are never too much, so if there’s something I don’t know and you can introduce to me, you got me! And so (I’ve also said that before) I have a bunch of friends who always share their finds with me… That’s how I ended up at the Tame Impala concert in New York.

I’d seen they were about to play here and Lucio (my musical know-it-all friend) said I couldn’t miss it. I had bought tickets to their concert in São Paulo, at the Popload Festival, by the end of November, but according to him in nyc the vibe would probably be very different. So I should definitely go! It would be a life experience, as he usually says. And that’s my mindset. That’s what wins me over. Who’s to deny some life experience? Not me! Never!  

Off I went… To the Beacon Theatre knowing absolutely nothing about those guys.

I mean… I knew they were Australian. Played a sort of psychedelic sound. And that’s it. I listened to a bit of their songs on the internet before buying the tickets. That’s all. I trusted said life experience and so I went!

I might even say it was the best concert I watched while I was away… (Bey and Jay Z don’t count, ok?) And I saw a lot of them! Really! And this time I was mesmerized from beginning to end.

All that without knowing how to sing a single song… Which is pretty important to me. I’m the kind of person who loves to know the set list by heart. To really feel like a part of all that. To expect my favorite songs. And I guess in the end of the day not knowing any lyrics at all was a positive aspect, since it made me pay equal attention to all of them. Enjoy it all, every second of it.

I felt they’re kind of like the Beatles of our generation, you know what I mean? But that’s a total hypothesis, ok? No professional analysis. Hope no one will criticize me for such a comparison. It’s just that there were some songs that really brought me to a real Beatles-ish place, that kind of feeling. With more colors, effects, psychedelism, definitely. Just press play to this song (one of my favorites in the concert) and tell me if you agree:

Sorry about the quality! I made it with my phone…

Now you tell me: does it make sense or not (#goosebumps)? Do you agree with me?

Well… Regardless of that, I really really loved it!

So I recommend that all curious people out there (who don’t know it yet) download it!

They’re geniuses!

And maybe we’ll bump into each other on their São Paulo concert on the 28th?!

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