American Hustle

Monday January 27th, 2014

My 2014 Oscars marathon has officially started! And I began with one of the favorites. Along with winning three Golden Globes (best motion picture – comedy or musical / best actress – comedy or musical to Amy Adams /best supporting actress – comedy or musical to Jennifer Lawrence), American Hustle was nominated for all of the Oscars main categories: best picture, director, screenplay, film editing, costume design, Christian Bale as best actor in a leading role, Amy Adams as best actress in a leading role, Bradley Cooper as best actor in a supporting role and Jennifer Lawrence as best actress in a supporting role. Yeah, I guess that’s it. Or am I letting something out? I probably am.

A favorite for the Golden Globes. Now a favorite for the Oscars. So I rushed to cross it off my list. And I enjoyed it. But the rest of my family who went to see it with me complained so much about it (they thought it was tedious, slow, uninteresting) that it ended up curbing my enthusiasm a bit.

It’s the story of a scammer couple who, after being caught by an FBI agent, agree to take part on a mission to debunk corrupt politicians and members of the mafia.

Amazing cast. Only the best. And even though a good cast is no guarantee of a good film, in this case any of them alone would make the tickets worth it. Flawless performances. Geniuses. Fabulous four (sorry about the joke, couldn’t help it!). Each character’s strong and particular personality is, without a doubt, the icing on the plot’s cake. So, it’s a must see for their work. The ladies especially. How exquisite they are!

Christian Bale (who deserves an entire paragraph!), one of my favorites of the moment, who once again doesn’t look anything like Christian Bale. Boy, is he amazing. The first scene, in which he’s atands front of the mirror trying to conceal his bald head, along with the one in which he wins Amy Adams over while just sitting down, chill, with an open shirt, are painstakingly crafted. He’s the perfect crook, in every gesture, every glance, his 70s costume and aviator glasses. Bale nails it again!

And, last but not least, the soundtrack! What an amazing soundtrack (I must say that was the only thing my parents liked about the movie!!!)! Another jackpot. So, yeah, regardless of all those things I said, having I liked or not, having my family liked it or not, having you heard good or bad things about it, just watch it! Big favorite. Incredible cast. Fantastic soundtrack. Rush to the movies and then come back to tell me what you thought!

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