Ben’s Cookies – The best in the world!

Friday October 24th, 2014

I’m a cookie addict. Like, really. Hardcore. The only thing that beats it is brigadeiro. Which is the top of my food chain!

But the cookie… Oh, the cookie… It’s almost a draw. In fact, I’ve been eating more cookies than brigadeiro lately. Maybe because it’s so easy to find the most amazing ones at every corner here. I guess that’s not so easy in Brazil… Don’t know! All I know is that I’ve been eating a bunch of it… A lot of delicious ones. Of all sizes. Fillings. But none of those (so far!) has beaten the good old Ben’s!

Has anyone tried it? Have you heard about it? It’s older than me! The brand exists since 1983.

It’s a chain with stores all over Europe and Asia (they don’t have U.S. or Brazil locations yet :/) which has the BEST COOKIE EVER. No kidding… I swear! It’s unbelievable…

So I decided to forget about nyc for a moment and change the subject here. Ready?

If you’ve ever been to London, you’ve probably passed by one of those little red doors!

You may have not paid attention, walked by on a rush (I almost did! I was dragged inside by a friend whom I don’t know if a love or hate for that!) but it’s almost impossible to miss one of those. They have over 10 shops. All over the place. They’re stronger in London and Seoul (capital of South Korea, which makes the visit a bit more complicated!). And it’s out-of-this-world wonderful.

I’m completely crazy about the milk and white chocolate chunk flavors.

I buy it in boxes, always. To have it throughout the trip and then bring some to Brazil.

And, well, I don’t even have much to say – it’s the kind of thing you have to try, for words are not enough to describe it…

You must have a bite.

It melts in your mouth, but it’s crunchy at the same time. Contains enough chocolate for us to enjoy, but not over the top that makes us feel sick (or miss the cookie!). It’s unbelievable…

Those who have tried it please help me with the adjectives on the comments, since I’m missing the words here!

I’ve tried SO MANY other flavors and brands around here. Again: there’s a bunch of good stuff around (and bad stuff too: when the cookie is served kind of floppy, mushy, you know? Makes me wanna die!). But nothing, nothing at all, has come close my beloved Ben’s.

If you’re in London or Seoul, please have one for us! So jealous of you having this treasure at every corner!

If you haven’t tried it (and you’re neither in London or Seoul!) put it on your to-do list ASAP!

And here I am craving it…

No doubt it will be my first stop when I’m back in London!

Counting the days!


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