Era Uma Vez Um Chalezinho

Friday July 17th, 2015

Cold weather got milder in São Paulo this week, right?

I don’t know how things are around Brazil (and the world!), but things have softened in São Paulo this week!

Thank God! Because in such a freezing weather all I can think of is eating! And definitely not salad.

Definitely not!

Fondue is one of my favorite foods ever! I love it so much. Cheese even better than chocolate. Because, when it comes to chocolate, my brigadeiro wins. But cheese fondue… Gosh, I could eat that every day!

So today I’m here to talk about my favorite fondue restaurant in São Paulo!:

I found out about it with my last boyfriend. We used to go there so often that we even had a loyalty card. Does that still exist? Anyway, we had discounts and benefits since we went there so much. But then I moved to Rio, time went by and I stopped going there for a while. I broke the habit, I think! I don’t know…

All I know is that I went back there these days with my mom (the snapchat crew saw it, right?) and I just asked myself why I’d spent so much time without going back! Why, God, why?

It’s so beyond the fondue. There are so many things involved.

It’s an actual chalet, all lightened up. Super charming. There’s always someone on the piano, dim lights, great service.

Looking for a romantic date? Highly recommend it!

Valentine’s Day? That’s the place! They have great combos!

Just want to have some good fondue? Go!

The cheese fondue is delicious! They have some variations but they’re all great! The chocolate one is amazing as well. But I recommend the dulce de leche one. It’s fantastic!

Has anyone been there?

If so, leave your comment and tell us what you thought!

Haven’t been yet?

Take advantage of the winter and go for it!

Impossible not to enjoy it!




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