Missing you

Saturday July 22nd, 2017

Hi there. 🙂

It’s been a while, right?

New York, shootings, Rio, São Paulo, New York, book, new home, construction work, New York, renovations, new year, vacations, YouTube, new home and so it’s been a year since I last wrote here. Maybe more. And I missed it.

Missed it so much that I decided to go through a website makeover. New home here too. The whole content is now available in English (foreigners here also deserve some tips, right?) and we’re getting back on track.

Lists, lists and some more lists. A bunch of trips and tips I left unmentioned during this period, as well as all the new stuff yet to come… Let’s head back home?

Are you still there?

I’m coming back for good! 🙂

And since you’re here, subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss any of the new posts. I expect your comments with tips and reminders of what you missed during this time (the chronicles will be back soon as a book, and if you click here you’ll be able to get your copy).

New texts are yet to come, though. And tips. And trips. I’m heading today to a country I’ve never been to. Getting to know places and cultures I’ve never experienced.

So get ready, because I’ll be right back from Israel to make you go through the place with me.

Lots of love!

And missing you all!

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