My Israel

Thursday August 10th, 2017

Israel today: history, religion, culture, cities…  7 days and so many stories to tell.

HaifaJerusalemAkkoTel-AvivGalilee SeaJordan River and a whole bunch of places we were lucky enought to get to see.

We went to the place where Jesus Christ was crucified, dead and buried and ascended to heaven. Where he lived. Where we worked his first miracle. Where he was baptized and we were lucky enough to dive in.

Israel brought me unforgettable experiences. Feelings and emotions I didn’t even know existed.

I renewed my feaith, my values, opened my eyes to the world as big as it is. And it’s huge. It’s beautiful. We’re a tiny dot wandering around after good stories.

7 days and I felt like years of experience. I’m bigger after all that. Better. Stronger. It was magical!
Thank you so much @visit_israel for the invitation. Unforgettable!
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