A Drift

Tuesday September 11th, 2012

One of my weekend’s highlights was the movie I picked to watch. Adrift had been on my list for a while now – I love director Heitor Dhalia (did you see the amazing O Cheiro do Ralo?) and I think Laura Neiva is the most gorgeous actress we have around here. I read she was scouted through Orkut (yeah, really!) and I was dying to see the result. Not to mention it features Vincent Cassel… Well! A better-late-than-ever” kind of movie!

I LOVED it! So, so, so much… I love this kind of screenplay, without many turnarounds, more like real life. Portraying everyday conflicts. No concealing. Simple. The noble art of relationships… That’s what the movie is about. No rush. Lots of silences. Lots of close-ups. Lots of poetry.

The story is set at Búzios beach, in the 80s, when a family decides to spend their summer there. The father is exquisitely played by French actor Vincent Cassel, the mother is played by Debora Bloch, and they’re the best they can to save their marriage.The children can see things are not going well. The eldest, played by the gorgeous Laura Neiva, ends up entangled with her parents’ drama, mixing up all that information, findings and feelings with all the intensity of her teenage mind, as well as the awakening of her sexuality.

I love the takes Heitor creates. So many beautiful shots. In fact, he picked Laura Neiva just so we could admire her beauty… Wow. Congratulations to her. Through her lines we can see she’s a beginner. That there are some stuff missing… But when we’re left with her gaze and intention… She nails it.

Fantastic soundtrack as well. Cauã and Camilla Belle (also gorgeous, but not like Laura! ;)) are also featured! Pretty great…

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s my suggestion for a rental, along with some popcorn on your couch!

I definitely enjoyed it!

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