What To Expect When You’re Expecting

Tuesday September 25th, 2012

Against my dad and brother’s will, we watched the romantic comedy What to expect when you’re expecting. I mean, me and my mom watched it. Because one of them went upstairs to his video game and the other one turned himself to his book.

To make up the guys’ minds is always a hard task… Is it like that with you too? Because here at home it always is. My brother is too picky with movies.

This time, though, I had to hand it to them. Even my mom (major romantic comedy supporter!) frowned to the latest Santoro foreign film.

Boring. Silly. Dull. There’s nothing I like about the movie. It shows five completely different couples going through the process of having their first child. Getting pregnant, finding out about it, pregnancy, labor, post-labor… Nothing new here.

I admit I fell asleep in some moments. So, if you saw it and enjoyed it, please feel comfortable to add something I might have missed along the way, between my yawns. But even my mom (her again!), who made it until the end, went to bed a bit cranky for the hours of sleep she lost. Were we too harsh?

Did anyone really enjoy the movie?

In my humble opinion, the only good things about it there were Santoro, Chace Babe Crawford and Cameron Diaz’s belly.

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