Fifty Shades Of Grey

Tuesday August 28th, 2012

One month ago I published here the ten favorite books of the ten most important fashion editors in Brazil. It was part of the special feature I made with them, remember? So… I rushed to take notes of the ones I hadn’t yet read and Fifty shades of grey was one of them, listed twice. So I bought the book. Then I went to Buenos Aires, then I had to put some stuff together and I only got to start it last Thursday (better late than ever!). And finished it on Saturday. I devoured it. 500 pages in three days.

I’ll start by saying it’s a pretty easy book to read, and a very, very hot one. Enticing. A turn-on, I’d say. If you’ve never finished a book in your life, you should try this one. I lost count of how many friends were totally caught up on it and told me to read it ASAP. Some of them won’t even read magazines. And devoured Fifty Shades. Which means there must be something in there…

It was released in the U.S. in March and sold over 20 million copies there. Huge bestseller. In a single week, 100 thousand copies were sold.

It’s not a literary masterpiece, but, believe me, it will get you wrapped up through all 480 pages. It’s the story of a 21-year-old (virgin!) student who becomes involved with a young, wealthy, extremely rational businessman, with very particular sexual preferences. I won’t dare to say any more than that. The deal is to be surprised along with the leading character. And, boy, there are some surprises!

The author, E. L. James, makes us feel part of all that, like actual insiders. So crazy… For the more uptight ones, (in the best sense of the word!), I must say that the book features some painstakingly described sex scenes, in pretty graphic excerpts. No subtle eroticism. It’s all there. For those who want to read it.

The book comes to an end revealing the first chapter of “Fifty Shades Darker” (the second book of the trilogy!), which leaves us counting the days until its release, expected for September, in Brazil. I feel kind of an orphan. Like my friends, I really got involved with the two characters. The last book, “Fifty Shades Freed”, will be released in November, and the three will be condensed into a movie screenplay (sold for US$ 5 million, o.k.?), so I don’t even need to say how I’m counting the days until the launch, right? It should be out in 2014. Can’t wait…

How about you? Did you read it?

Did you enjoy it?

I loved it!


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